Hey there.

Wes here.

Look at this fancy web page. My God, I've really outdone myself with this one.

On to business.

I'm DONE my new solo album. It's available for download NOW or physical CD as soon as they get back from the duplicators... and then eventually CD Baby and iTunes.

The album features a bunch of new songs including "The Video Game Song", "I'm Just a Little Dumb", "The Ginger Song", "Worse Than Hitler", as well as new recordings of old favourites.

You can sample "The French Song" here:

You can order the album right now if you send me 15 bucks (or more) and your email address. Just click on the thingy below this and fill out the doohicky. If you pay at least 15 bucks, I will email you a link to a page that has uncompressed (higher than CD quality) versions of the songs as well as Higher than iTunes quality mp3s, AND the artwork (hi-rez pdfs) so you can burn your own copy. If you want a physical copy as well, send me at least $25 bucks to cover the postage and the blank CD and I will mail it to you... hell I'll even sign it.

You can also buy the album or individual songs from CD Baby RIGHT NOW!

Of course, you could also just wait a while and steal it and attribute all my songs to The Arrogant Worms (who are very nice fellows of whom I am very fond).

Thank you for shopping Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie.



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Or, you can always just visit our Paypal donation box.

Here's a live version of one of the new songs.