Thanks to some Hookahman Fans, we are pleased to offer some songs for downloading. about 350 k

One of the first songs ever written by Hookahman, and the last song on the new album

Opus5o.aiff about 600 k

A sample of Hookahman's next record. This is one minute out of an 8 minute piece called "Noodler's Opus". It is also the only cover on the album.

Stompy.aiff about 800 k

A bit of improv performed in Wes' basement one night after a gig with the Hard Rock Miners. Never been played before or since. Features a slobbering drunk Joel Finnestad who has no idea that this was recorded, let alone that it's on the internet.

Nuke.aiff about 1 meg.

Written by Frank and Wes, this tune was the first song Hookahman ever performed publicly. They wrote and performed it for a public forum at city hall, in Edmonton, regarding using Nuclear Waste to eradiate the sludge from the river... needless to say, we were all for it. Oh yeah, I had to cut a verse out because it was too huge...

Beauty.aiff about 1 meg

A Song Wes Wrote with Michael Stipe, Bono, & The Edge

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