released August 1996.

In early April 1996, producer Dave Mockford from Monster Tracks took us into Wolf Willow Studios in Edmonton and began recording tracks for our second and latest album, "Hookahman" a collection of songs written and performed live from 1993 to the absolute present, including Mint Bum Jelly Love Child, San Francisco, Freedom (Moscow 1992) ...Toi, Worldwerx, Jesus... ...and the brand new Come Back Gladys ... ...plus the eight minute Noodlers' Opus which features the immortal chorus... "we don't know what we're doing we don't know where we're going we don't know where we are we don't know who we are..." ...and a hint of a cover...

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Oh Hut...

released January 1995.

recorded in four days in the main room of Monster Trax studios in April 1994, this CD is like a demo of a spontaneous hut jam. The live blasts of hut between some songs are from an actual hut at a house called Nibble, where Wes and Jason once lived...

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If you would like your very own copy of "Oh Hut...", please e-mail Wes at wes@deadtroll.com

Other Recordings...

"Hookahman on The Great Western Ballroom" - is a live to air recording the band made in December 1995, which was later remastered by Gabino and distrubuted in Canada.

"The Monarch Is Free" is a song written in spring 1993 by Frank Bessai and Howard Fix, and credited to Hookahman, which appears in a 55 minute CineFocus Canada's film documentary about NAFTA.

"Live From Howard's Cabin" - there is a known bootleg of this simple early recording of such tunes as Nuclear Song, Chadila Zhe Mashenka, Mexico, ...recorded outside with Howard Fix and Crystal Hanson. A video tape exists with a spontaneous version of Joe's Forgot All About Me. ...before Tugboat Jack was a lyric.

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