A Guided Tour of "Oh Hut"

Jig Eh! - One of two tracks recorded at the infamous Chateau Bessai, Mike learned the song five minutes prior to the recording of it. Written by Jason.

Beauty - Beauty signifies Hookahman's patented Post Industrial nature by acousticaly appropriating 7 pop songs about the apocolypse and embedding them within the texture of the rhythm. Written by Wes.

Liar - is based on a true story, and after the recording, the arrangement was dramatically changed for live shows. Written by Jeff.

Fromage - inspired by the hills, pastures, and shorelines of the Gaspé peninsula, this song reveals that true Canadian unity is to be achieved only through dairy products. Written by Jason.

Nuclear Song - was Hookahman's first public performance at the Edmonton City Hall Public Forum on the Irradiation of River Sludge with Spent Nuclear Fuel. We won. Written by Frank and Wes.

Un Corps Une Ame - a song about the earth and love with a plea for unity. A delightful fiddle solo soars with eerie resonance chilling the listener's earlobes. Written by Frank and his Belgian friend Lucas.

Sing Hey (for the bath at close of day) was adapted by Jeff from JRR Tolkien's elf song.

Security - is for Joe's Dad.

Gone Fishin' - Lyrics written by a homeless guy named Linus who we have yet to track down. If you see him, let him know we have a big fat royalty cheque for him. The song was arranged by Joe.

Chipman - Written and learned in the studio, this song has become a ritual sing-along at live shows, resulting in the band swelling to upwards of 20 members. Music by Mike McDonald, lyrics by Wes, with room to improvise.

Mexico - Written by Joe about Mexico. He went there.

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