It's The Irrelevant Show!

Featuring those crazy nuts: Wes, Mark, Paul, Donovan and Jana

Produced by Peter Brown and the glorious Canadian Broadcasting Corporation!

The Irrelevant Show is a half hour of unionized AM Radio sketch comedy brought to you by Edmonton's funniest ACTRA members and recorded live in monaural audio by professional radio technicians!

Sample of "The Irrelevant Show", episode 6
"Investigative Reports

Hey! Did you know that you can listen to entire episodes of "The Irrelevant Show" for free?
Well you can!

How to listen:

Turn on your AM radio at 11:30 Saturday Morning and enjoy...

The CBC has created a very nice map of Canada with clickable Realplayer feeds of the live AM Radio broadcast. Simply find the city you want to listen from, and join us at 11:30 a.m. local time for some free happy lucky fun comedy courtesy of the Canadian Taxpayer.

When to listen:

It is now:

The Irrelevant Show airs in Canada live at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Now, Canada is a very big fat country, which means we have, like... 5 time zones... so, you could listen in at 11:30 a.m. (local time) from
the Halifax feed @ 15:30 GMT
Windsor feed @ 16:30 GMT,
Winnipeg feed @ 17:30 GMT
Edmonton feed @18:30 GMT
Vancouver Feed @ 19:30 GMT

If you liked "The Irrelevant Show", please email CBC and tell them. Thanks!

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